equipment AMPS


handwired 3-channel tube thomsen combo, handwired, 1×12″ legend eminence speaker

elmwood m60 2-channel with 2nd level master and boost elmwood cabinet w/ 2×12″ ev12l speaker


mesa boogie triple crown tc-50 combo costum, 1×12″ speaker celestion vintage 30 3 kanäle, 50 w class a/b, endstufe 2 x el34, vorstufen 6x12ax7 und 1x12at7 bias select switch: el34, 6v6 oder 6L6 röhren


elmwood bonneville 50w combo, 12″ speaker celestion vintage30 2 channel, drive, 2.master röhren: 4xecc83, 2xel34


EVH-50W head - 12" closed cab with Electro Voice evm 12l